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This mod requires the Cyclops Core library!

Come talk to us in #everlastingabilities on the Cyclops Discord server!


Try out the Everlasting Abilities Compat addon for this mod! (1.19+ only)


Try out the Potion Core addon for this mod! (1.12 only)


Sometimes, you may want to have certain abilities, without having to carry around different potion bottles, wearing specific armor or using specific tools.

This mod allows you to have persistent abilities, that stay on you after you die, and you don't have to carry around specific items.


As of version 2.x, all abilities can be fully customized via datapacks, and new ones can be added.


If you first spawn in a world, you will receive an Ability Bottle with a random ability.

Right-clicking this bottle, will open a window in which you can move the ability to your player.


Moving abilities to your player requires a certain amount of experience, moving them back to the bottle will give you back that experience.

Abilities have a maximum level, so don't try to get yourself 20 levels of the speed ability...


The following (30) abilities are available:

  • Flight: Allows you to fly
  • Step Assist: Automatically step up a certain number of blocks depending on the level
  • Fertility: Animals in the area become fertile
  • Bonemealer: Bonemeal the area
  • Power Stare: Push away entities you're looking at
  • Magnetize: Attract nearby items
  • Speed: Walk faster
  • Haste: Mine faster
  • Strength: Inflict more damage when attacking
  • Jump Boost: Jump Higher
  • Regeneration: Regenerate health faster
  • Resistance: Take less damage from attacks
  • Fire Resistance: Take less damage from fire
  • Water Breathing: Breathe underwater
  • Invisibility: Become invisible
  • Night Vision: See in the dark
  • Absorption: Adds absorption hearts
  • Saturation: Reduce hunger
  • Luck: Have a higher chance on better loot
  • Slowness: Entities in the area move slower
  • Mining Fatigue: Entities in the area mine slower
  • Nausea: Entities in the area get nauseous
  • Blindness: Entities in the area become blind
  • Hunger: Entities in the area become hungry
  • Weakness: Entities in the area become weaker
  • Poison: Entities in the area become poisoned
  • Wither: Entities in the area become withered
  • Glowing: Entities in the area start glowing
  • Levitation: Entities in the area start levitating
  • Unluck: Entities in the area have a lower chance on good loot
  • Slow Falling: Fall down slowly and take no fall damage
  • Conduit Power: Gain underwater bonuses
  • Dolphins Grace: Gain a higher swimming speed when a dolphin is nearby
  • Bad Omen: Entities in the area can trigger raids to appear in villages

Abilities that target entities in an area won't be applied to players that are in the same team as you.

Every ability can be disabled and modified via a custom datapack.

Information on how to make Ability Totems craftable can be found on the wiki.


If you die, at the hand of a player, you will lose one random ability. This ability will drop in an Ability Totem, which the other player can pickup and use for themself. (This behaviour can be changed in the config file)


Ability totems with random abilities can be found in loot chests.


Certain mobs will also drop abilities. These mobs can be identified by looking at their particle effects, the color of the effects shows the rarity of their ability.


As of version 1.3.0, leftover totems can be recycled by combining 3 of them in a crafting grid to produce a new random totem. The rarity of the input totems will have an impact on the rarity of the output totem.


This mod collects anonymized startup data, this can be disabled in the config file and adheres to Minecraft's snooper settings.


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