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This mod provides a client-side user interface for the WorldEdit plugin allowing you to see your selected region in-game in real time. It allows you to work more quickly and accurately with your WorldEdit selection and is especially useful when working with Polygon, Convex Hull and Cylinder selections.

WorldEditCUI was originally written by lahwran, it was subsequently maintained by yetanotherx, huge thanks goes to both for their previous work on the mod.

  • Display your WorldEdit selection instantly in-game
  • Display multiple regions for other server-side plugins such as Grief Prevention
  • Display current chunk boundary, like vanilla but works with shaders
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Doesn't cause global warming*

*Not guaranteed

To install the mod:

  1. Download and install LiteLoader for your version of Minecraft
  2. Download the latest version of the WorldEditCUI litemod and copy it to your mods folder. NOTE: Some browsers will change the file extension to .zip when downloading, if this happens be sure to change it back to .litemod or LiteLoader will not find the mod!
  3. Run the game and bask in the warm glow of your new CUI mod

All versions from Minecraft 1.4.6 and later are available on the Files tab.

To use WorldEditCUI, simply make a selection on a server using WorldEdit, your selection will be instantly displayed on the screen. To clear your current selection issue the command //sel

WorldEditCUI is licensed under the Eclipse Public License, the current source can be found on my GitHub.