Simple Cobblestone Generator

79,662 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Incorporated into this mod: Simply Random

This mod is no longer being updated. See link above for replacement for versions 1.14.2+

Quick Intro

This is a mod that adds a Cobblestone Generator... This is not a machine that makes power from cobble, but a machine that makes cobble, optionally using power.

Yes, you can use this in your pack... so long as the pack is not directly the source of any kind of income.

What Does it Look Like?

It looks like this 

Picture of the CobbleGen

How Does it Work?

It produces cobble as fast as you can take it out. However, if you make it require power in the configs... then it turns into a box where power goes in and cobble goes out, speed limited only by your ability to harness it.

How Do I Craft it?

Like this:


However, that can be changed by a modpack maker.

How Do I Make it Use Power?

To make it use power, find the mod's configuration file, and change the power requirement ("RF_PER_BLOCK") to be greater than 0.


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