Mapmaker's Gadgets

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Hey people!


This little mod has some useful tools for map/modpack makers, including:


Villager Trade Editor

Which, as you would imagine, lets you edit villager trades.


Spawner Editor

Lets you edit a spawner's stats, and change which mobs it can spawn with spawn eggs.


You can place up to 9 spawn eggs in the top left, which are mobs the spawner will randomly choose between:



You can then us the spawner editor item to place down more of the last spawner edited (since vanilla doesn't let you ctrl + middle click the spawner to get a spawner with nbt data... ):


Spawn Egg Maker

Creates a spawn egg from a mob, useful with the spawner editor above.


Potion Maker

Makes potions with any custom effects and color.


Should work with modded potions too! Sadly the vanilla saturation effect is still borked in potions (but works in the potion arrows strangely...)

Item Editor

Edits many things about items, like lore, enchantments, attributes, color (for leather armor and such), and other stats... this one does a lot.


Say you want to make a nice pair of boots like these:

Well it's actually not too hard with this item editor. Just grab a pair of leather boots, and edit the name and lore:

Then perhaps make them Unbreakable and give them a color:

(The hide flags is to hide enchantments, attributes and such, and the last two are for adventure mode block breaking/placing)

Then maybe give them an enchantment or two:

And finally customize the item attributes:

Entity Editor

Edits many things about entities, like name, equipment, attributes, and other stats. This one also does a lot.


Say to want to edit several stats about an entity:

If your entity is a living mob, you can also edit more things like:

Also a convenient way to edit the mob's equipped armor and held items, as well as their drop chances (from 0-1, with 2 meaning it will drop the exact item without trying to randomize the durability):

And finally a way to edit the mob's base stats, like max heath and speed:

Fight Starter

Lets you start a fight between two mobs (Like the boss spawners from chocolate quest did).


Like making two shulkers fight each other... hehe

Entity Stacker

Make entities ride other entities... much fun to be had with this one =)


NBT Checker

Copies item, mob, and tile entity NBT tags so you can use them in commands and loot tables.


No more manually copying output from /blockdata and /entitydata commands... =P


Tiny Spawner Maker

Turns a mob into a Tiny Spawner, which will turn back into that mob when a survival/adventure player gets near.


Mostly in case you have a structure mod that supports blocks but not entities



All of these items only work if you are in creative mode and opped. If you have suggestions for more gadgets, feel free to suggest! Also let me know if you find bugs.


Don't ask why the mod has a purple theme... I just made the first few items like that and went with it. XD


Yes you can use this in modpacks! That's what this is for. XD




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