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This mod requires the Cyclops Core library, Everlasting Abilities and Potion Core!

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This mod was commissioned by BlueFlare.


This mod is an addon to Everlasting Abilities that adds 33 new abilities for the potions from the Potion Core mod. Just like the original Everlasting Abilities, all of these new abilities are fully configurable and disableable.

Next to the default Vanilla potion effects, abilities can now also appear for new effects such as Magic Focus, Revival, Antidote and Cure.

New abilities

Concretely, the following abilities (33) can appear in Ability Totems and Ability Totems:

Positive effects for the owner

  • Trueshot: Inflict more projectile damage
  • Drowning: Breath underwater but suffocate in air
  • Antidote: Prevents you from taking poison damage
  • Purity: Prevents you from taking wither damage
  • Slowfall: Slows your fall
  • Solid Core: Gives you knockback resistance
  • Climbing: Lets you climb walls like spiders
  • Reach: Increases your reach distance
  • Iron Skin: Increases your armor
  • Diamond Skin: Increases your armor toughness
  • Recoil: Reflects a portion of damage back to the attacker
  • Magic Focus: Increases magic damage
  • Magic Shielding: Take less damage from magic
  • Revival: Revive with 2 heart per level after death (disabled by default)
  • Repair: Repair armor and held item
  • Extension: Increases length of a random active potion
  • Bless: Gives a random positive potion effect (disabled by default)
  • Cure: Removes all bad potion effects

Negative effects for entities in the area

  • Broken Armor: Entities in the area have reduced armor levels
  • Weight: Entities in the area have negative jump boost
  • Klutz: Projectile damage from entities in the area is decreased
  • Inversion: Potion effects on entities in the area are inverted
  • Vulnerable: Damage for all entities in the area is multiplied
  • Magic Inhibition: Entities in the area become weaker to magic
  • Explosion: Entities in the area explode
  • Combustion: Entities in the area are set on fire
  • Lightning: Entities in the area are struck with lightning
  • Launching: Entities in the area are launched in the air
  • Corrosion: Entities in the area have their armor and held item damaged (except for gold)
  • Disorganization: Entities in the area have their inventories shuffled (disabled by default)
  • Perplexity: Players in the area have their controls reversed (disabled by default)
  • Curse: Entities in the area receive random bad potion effects
  • Dispel: Entities in the area have all their good potion effects removed


This mod collects anonymized startup data, this can be disabled in the config file and adheres to Minecraft's snooper settings.


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