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Welcome to Mushroom Quest! This mod's concept revolves around foraging for various real-world fungi while you set forth on an adventure to explore nature and live out your cottagecore fantasies. Hope you enjoy my first mod!

There are exactly 134 mushrooms you can forage for. Each mushroom is either common, rare or mythical rarity. All mushrooms are edible and most can give you either medicinal or deadly effects when eaten. Some mushroom can also be used in crafting recipes or as fuel! You find these mushrooms by breaking various organic structures across the world. 

  • Willow Trees, and Oak Stumps are found in swamps, roofed and mixed forests.
  • Birch Trees, and Birch Trunks are found in birch forests.
  • Field TrunksVerdant Rocks, and Shrumps are found in field biomes and rarely forests.
  • Baobab Trees, and Acacia Stumps are found in tropical biomes especially the savanna.
  • Jungle Trunks are found in jungle biomes.

The Mycopedia is a book that contains information about all the mushrooms! It includes the fungi's: Edibility, Location, Rarity, and Usage.

You can use Growth Meld to farm mushrooms and other plants! Right-clicking it on certain blocks will produce certain things!

  • Mycelium - Various Mushroom Island plants.
  • Farmland - Some decorative plants, and possibly a Tree depending on the biome.
  • Log - Depending on the log there is a chance it will turn into a corresponding Trunk or Stump.

    This mod also adds a slight Mushroom Island biome expansion! There are new plants, fungi, mobs, and structures! The structures are mostly decorative and contain many new building blocks! The versions older than 3.0 do add a lot more to the Mushroom Islands, however, most has been removed since I wanted the mod to focus more on the mushroom foraging aspect instead of getting too carried away with rebuilding the Mushroom Islands.

    Some of the creatures you may encounter and special items you may find are discussed below:

    Funglings are small fungal creatures that take many different forms. All except for the Crimson and Warped variants can be found in the Mushroom Island biome. These creatures can be tamed by using their respective look-alike mushroom. These little pets are purely cosmetic, they do not provide any sort of support or abilities just yet.

    Many different types of strange fungi can also be found. Some are purely cosmetic while others have a secret purpose. You can find: Tiny Mushrooms, Big Mushrooms, Toadstools, Spores, Glowstools, and Glowshrooms. Tiny Mushrooms, Big Mushrooms, and Glowshrooms are only for decoration. Toadstools however will give the player a jump boost when stepped on, and Spores will poison anything that steps on it.


    The Witch Mansion, and the Secret Grotto are the only two structures not found in the Mushroom Island.

    The Witch Mansion is found in swamps, birch forests, and roofed forests. It contains evil witches and their cats, along with their Witch's Urns that contain various tiered alchemy loot. On the side of the mansion is a greenhouse, this area contains some organic structures and many decorational blocks/plants.

    The Secret Grotto is a tall tree with hanging lanterns, it is found throughout swamps, plains, and forests. Underneath the tree is the Yggdrasil Sapling, a rare organic structure which can drop every mythical tiered mushroom!

    This mod also contains many new potions, magical items, and gear. There are many, MANY crafting recipes in this mod so it is highly recommended that you use the JEI mod. The discovery of mystical nature is the highlight of this mod, so to influence adventure there is a whole tree of achievements to complete! Below are some item descriptions:

    The Mushroom Cap is a special helmet item the player can equip my right-clicking with it as long as they have nothing else in their head slot. You can only obtain Blank Mushroom Caps from urns, but you can dye them into various colors! This armor doesn't provide a lot of armor protection since it is purely cosmetic. The Mushroom Cap is only obtainable as a very rare drop from Witch's Urns.

    All Mushroom Caps


    Mod Compatibility:

Versions 2.5 and beyond are compatible with other biome mods such as: Biomes O' Plenty, BYG, Traverse Reforged, Autumnity, Atmospheric, Environmental, Druidcraft, Terra Incognita, Spheric, Feywilds, and Bayou Blues.


I think it is important to move on to newer versions, so I will not be backporting to 1.12

This mod was made with MCreator


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