Gamestage Books

65,774 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

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Crafttweaker addon that generate books which unlock gamestages. You can set things like what color the book should be, and what item it should display as a header when the book is used to unlock the stage.


Put all of the books in a separate script. The first line must be #loader gamestagebooks This ensures that the script is during preInit, so that items & their models can be properly registered.

Script example

#loader gamestagebooks
import mods.gamestagebooks.Book;

Book.addBook("emerald_stage", "Emerald Knowledge", "Emerald Handbook", "minecraft:emerald", 0x0cf200);

Stagename -> "emerald_stage"

Human readable stagename(used in unlock title) -> "Emerald Knowledge"

Name of the Book -> "Emerald Handbook"


Item to display on unlock -> "minecraft:emerald"

Item to display on unlock with meta -> "minecraft:wool@4"


Color of the book -> 0x0cf200

Color is a hexvalue prefixed with 0x