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Item Borders [Forge]

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This is the Forge version of the mod, if you're looking for Fabric click here.


Add colored borders to inventory slots to make your rare items stand out!



All versions require Iceberg, you can download it here.

Versions 1.2+ require Prism.


Client / Server

This mod is fully client-side.



By default, borders are not displayed for common items.  This can be enabled with a configuration option.  Optionally, borders can be disabled on the hotbar as well.  Custom colors from Loot Beams mod can be synchronized as item borders with an option.  Automatic borders can be disabled completely, and manual colors can be specified for items/tags with the following format:

    <Color name or hex code> = <list of item paths or tags> OR <item path or tag>
For example:
    FCC040 = ["minecraft:stick", "torch"]
    green = "#forge:ores"
    red = "oak_planks"




Should be fully compatible with modded items, and even modded item rarities.  Let me know if you find something that doesn't work as expected!


You are free to use this mod in modpacks.


Problems, feature request, something else?  Join us on Discord!