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Originally just another simple modpack for my friends, now available for anyone who needs it ❤︎

Lightheart is a performance-boosting & quality-of-life pack that aims to be completely compatible with almost any vanilla Minecraft server and realm.

Although most of the mods included are optimized for ease of use, you should be able to reconfigure, or outright remove, almost anything in the pack without the fear of breaking something. Additionally, you should be able to add any mod of your choice without issue, barring obvious incompatibilities. For that reason, this pack is offered in two versions (Fabric & Forge) to provide easy access to as many modern mods as possible. 
Both options will work just fine, though I highly recommend whichever is marked as "Release".

Includes out-of-the-box support for shaders as of 1.19+

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Fabric 1.19.3 Mod List 


Forge 1.19.3 Mod List (Beta)



Older Versions Mod Lists

Fabric 1.18.1 Mod List (Release)


Forge 1.18.1 Mod List (Beta)



1.17 Fabric Mod List (Alpha)



1.16 Fabric Mod List (Release)


1.16 Forge Mod List (Beta)