Skin Swapper


Skin Swapper

Minecraft Skin Changer

Image of the mod


  • Allows for your skin to be changed in game
  • Can download skins from other players
  • Can change your skin online or offline

##Quickstart guide

  • You can locate the mod's gui by looking at the top left corner of the multiplayer menu
  • You can add skins by adding valid skin files to the folder ".minecraft/skins"
  • You can also download another players skin by clicking the "Download Skin" button
  • You can choose between Online and Offline Mode. Online Mode changes your skin for all players (as if you changed it in the launcher). Offline Mode changes your skin client-side
  • You can choose the arm type (3 pixel vs 4 pixel) by either clicking "Skin Type: Classic" or "Skin Type: Slim" (Automatically defaults based on the skin file)
  • You can change your skin by clicking "Change Skin" and then "Yes"


  • An explanation for the settings found the the Mod Menu config can be found here.


  • cobrasrock - Owns and programmed mod
  • Katpowkid - Created the mod icon and provided feedback

Note: Fabric versions require Fabric API