Skin Swapper

40,317 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 28, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

Skin Swapper

Minecraft Skin Changer

Image of the mod


  • Allows for your skin to be changed in game
  • Can download skins from other players
  • Works the same as changing your skin in the launcher or on


Quickstart guide

1. You can locate the mod's gui by looking at the top right corner of the multiplayer menu.

2. You can add skins by adding valid skin files to the folder ".minecraft/skins"

3. You can also download another players skin by clicking the "Download Skin" button

4. You can choose the arm type(3 pixel vs 4 pixel) by either clicking "Skin Type: Classic" or "Skin Type: Slim"(Automatically defaults based on the skin file)

5. You can change your skin by clicking "Change Skin" and then "Yes"


  • cobrasrock - Owns and programmed mod
  • archloom - Made porting to Forge easy
  • Katpowkid - Created the mod icon and provided feedback

Note: Fabric versions require Fabric API


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