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Debugify is a project that fixes over 70 bugs found on the bug tracker in Minecraft. (and does nothing more!)

What does this mod replace?

This mod replaces many mods and implements fixes from some others

These superseded mods are not hard conflicts and can be used in conjunction with Debugify for any additional advanced features.

Links and other info

GitHubCurseforgeModrinthPatched bug listDiscord

What if I want to enable some bug fixes, but not others?

Debugify has a configuration GUI accessible by Fabric's Mod Menu. If you don't want to it, there is always the configuration file located at .minecraft/config/debugify.json

configuration menu

Client, or Server?

Debugify includes many fixes for both the client and server (all server fixes also apply to client). So you should definitely use it on both.

Can I include this in my modpack?

Yes! Of course! I even added a little feature in the mod for you! The constant updates may be exhausting to maintain, so I added a config option that defaults new bug fixes to off, until you get round to looking at it.