Mouse Wheelie (Fabric)

26,561 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 18, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

Latest release tested for up to: 1.14.4

Cute little clientside mod which allows you to scroll items and to scroll through some tabs and gui pages.

No mouses were harmed in the making of this mod.

Important note concerning Extra Pieces

There's currently a bug in Fabric which makes Tweed (library of Mouse Wheelie) and Artifice (library of Extra Pieces) incompatible.

To make Mouse Wheelie work with Extra Pieces please install the latest version of Tweed alongside! Furthermore you have to use Extra Pieces 2.2.4 or below as newer version completely ban Tweed.


I only maintain this site and the GitHub source site. All other websites distributing the mod are not owned/affiliated with me and might incorrect or outdated mod files.

Current features

  • When hovering over items you can scroll up and down to send single items up and down.
  • When holding shift alongside you may send whole stacks of items.
  • When holding control alongside you can move all stacks of the same type of item.
  • When you're in scrollable inventories you might want to press alt to prevent scrolling items.
  • When you're sending items via shift-leftclick you can now hold both buttons to send all stacks you're hovering over
  • Hold alt-leftclick to drop items quickly.
  • When you're in the creative inventory and hover over the tab icons you can scroll through all the creative tabs and pages.
  • In your facourite recipe books you can
  • hover over the recipe grid to scroll through the pages.
  • hover over the recipe group tabs to scroll through them.
  • Sort inventories by clicking with your mouse wheel (you can also define an own keybinding)
  • sorts by raw id (will most likely group by mods and similar items)
  • hold shift while clicking to sort by quantity
  • hold control while clicking to sort by alphabet
  • You can customize which sort modes you prefer
  • Press the swap key in any inventory to swap with the offhand
  • Let your slots be automagically refilled from your inventory!
  • Pick the matching tools for blocks by either sneaking while picking the block or by holding a tool. (this is configurable)


Lots of stuff is configurable. To open the config screen you'll need to install <a href="Mod" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">;&gt;Mod Menu</a>.</p>


Since this mod is completely clientside item scrolling might be a bit laggy on hard-working servers. There are also some random glitches when trying to scroll in the stonecutter gui which I don't really understand yet.


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