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IMPORTANT: This mod is being hosted on Modrinth now.  The latest builds will be posted there, and not here.  Also the description here won't be updated.  https://modrinth.com/mod/fabricskyboxes


Implements custom skyboxes, similar to Optifine!




Please use the issue tracker for issues.
Alternatively, join my discord: https://discord.gg/quvzkaV




This mod allows the specification of custom skyboxes, with any textures that you may want. You can even specify textures already in Minecraft's resources!




An example of a skybox JSON file, with comments, is provided here. The skybox JSON file should be placed in "assets/fabricskyboxes/sky" inside a resource pack.


As of 0.2, you can create mono-colored skyboxes. These are an alternative to textured skyboxes if you don't need the complexity. They will take on the shape of the normal skybox, just of a different color.


Disclaimer: Does not support Optifine skybox resource packs. This is not planned.

MCPatcherPatcher will support this mod's format in the future and will be able to convert it for you. You can find it on GitHub here.
At the time of writing, there are no resource packs made specifically for this mod, but MCPatcherPatcher may be able to convert Optifine resource packs for your use. Do note that MCPP won't provide perfect conversion, and there are a few known bugs with the conversion that have not been addressed.  Most of these will be on the issue tracker, linked above.


  • Full Optifine conversion support via MCPatcherPatcher

  • A lot more cool stuff on its way!


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