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IMPORTANT: This mod is being hosted on Modrinth now.  The latest builds will be posted there first.  https://modrinth.com/mod/fabricskyboxes



Implements Custom Skyboxes, like Optifine!

Screenshot taken with the Awesome Skies resource pack, a pack made to run only under FSB (Credit: heyman)



This mod's purpose is to allow the specification of custom Skyboxes, with any textures that you may want!



FSB Skybox format

The documentation on this format can be found here.


OptiFine Skybox format

It is out of the scope of this mod to support the OptiFine format. MCPP++ can be used to get OptiFine Skyboxes to work and you can read its instructions on how to do that.



  • Include more Skyboxes
  • More general improvements to Skyboxes for creators


Suggestions / Support

You can report bugs-issues or suggest new features in the Issues section, or in the Discord Server.


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