TexTrue's Rubidium Options


TexTrue's Rubidium Options (TRO)

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TexTrue's Rubidium Options is an unofficial Forge port fork of FlashyReese's "Reese's Sodium Options", made to work with FML.

This mod has the same functionality as Reese's Sodium Options, but is for Rubidium (Magnesium may also work, not tested).

Support mc1.16.5 and above version!

Known issues

  • Rubidium Extra cannot detect that this mod is installed, still popping up suggestions (Rubidium Extra version <1.16.5- / 1.18.2- / 1.19.2-
  • TRO 1.0.1-mc1.20.1 and above only support Rubidium 0.7.x and above (1.0.0+XXHX only support rubidium 0.6.5)!

Don't report TRO's issues to the official Reese's Sodium Options Github.