Trees Do Not Float

86,585 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

Annoyed by trees that don't respect the fundamental laws of physics?  Put those trees in their place with Trees Do Not Float!


Note that TDNF is produced for and requires the Fabric Mod Loader and API




News: Version 1.1.1 adds the protectPlayerLogs config option, on by default.  It prevents logs placed by players from being affected by this mod.  For it to work, the logs must be been placed after Version 1.1.1 is installed!  Also, you must have the same version of the mod on the server and all clients.

When this mod is installed and the last log supporting a tree is broken, the whole tree comes down.  Designed to be server-friendly.

Configuration Options

  • keepLogsIntact: Log blocks move to the ground instead of dropping as items. Can be laggy.

  • renderFallingLogs: Render falling logs? (Affects client side only.) Can be laggy.

  • fallingLogsBreakPlants: Falling logs break leaves and other plants on the way down.

  • fallingLogsBreakFragile: Falling logs break glass and other fragile blocks.

  • protectPlayerLogs: Logs placed by player are allowed to float.

  • stackDrops: Consolidate item drops into stacks to prevent lag.

  • requireLogBreak: If true, structures only checked when logs are broken. (Not other block types.)

  • effectLevel: Play particles and sounds? Choices are SOME, NONE, and ALL.

  • maxBreaksPerTick: Max log/leaf blocks to break per tick. 1 - 128

  • breakCooldownTicks: Ticks to wait between breaking blocks. 0 - 40

  • maxSearchPosPerTick: Max blocks checked per tick when searching for logs/leaves. 1 - 512



  • If the mod is configured to combine item stacks and the server saves the world and exits before breaking is complete, you may not get all of your drops from a tree that is in the process of breaking.  You can turn this feature off so that items always drop immediately, but that will generate more lag.  Fortunately, wood is cheap.


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