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MaLiLib is a library mod containing some shared code for masa's client-side Liteloader, Rift and Fabric mods.
(The name is just short for masa's Litemod Library, because I have zero imagination...)

For MC 1.13.x you should note that only 1.13.2 is supported, so you need Rift for 1.13.2 from Chocohead's fork.

For Fabric on 1.14, up until malilib 0.9.x you also need the Fabric API.
Starting from the 0.10.0-dev.19 version of malilib, the required part of the Fabric API is embedded inside malilib, so you don't need to get it separately anymore.

Malilib is required by the following mods for their LiteLoader, Rift and Fabric versions, starting from the indicated versions:

The exact required version of malilib for each mod version will be indicated in the changelog of each of the dependent mods.

Basically when some mod requires a newer version of malilib, then all the other dependent mods will also get an update at the same time, if the change in malilib breaks compatibility. Normally breaking changes should hopefully be rare.

You should be able to mostly always use the latest version of malilib for any of the dependent mods, at least if you update them all at the same time, as you usually should.

TL;DR; Always update all my mods to the latest available versions at the same time.

Rift 1.13.2 installation:


- Make sure you have Java 8 installed (Java 9 or newer won't work with Rift)


Option 1 - Use the MultiMC launcher (I personally recommend this!):


Option 2 - To install Rift 1.13.2 to the vanilla launcher:

  • First download the Rift installer from here: jitpack-aeee80c1fb-1/Rift-jitpack-aeee80c1fb-1.jar
  • Close the Minecraft launcher if you have it running
  • Double click the Rift jar it to run it
  • If it installed successfully, then open the equivalent of the file C:\Users\masa\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\versions\1.13.2-rift-1.0.4-SNAPSHOT\1.13.2-rift-1.0.4-SNAPSHOT.json ( depending on your OS and user name etc.) in a text editor
  • Inside the libraries array, on the com.github.Chocohead:Rift line, replace the SNAPSHOT string with aeee80c1fb-1
  • Save the file
  • Done.
  • The game should now launch with Rift installed when you launch it using the 1.13.2-rift-1.0.4-SNAPSHOT profile in the vanilla launcher.
  • Image of how the json file should look like after the edit:


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