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AutoReconnect [1.20+][Fabric][Client]

Now available over at Modrinth too!


This mod will automatically try to reconnect you back to a server if you got disconnected.
By default, it will make 4 attempts after 3, 10, 30 and 60 seconds.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. When using this on a multiplayer server/realm you might want to check with the admins first whether it's okay to use this mod.



  • Additional button on the disconnect screen which will reconnect you without having to go back to the menu first
  • Works for Multiplayer, Realms and even for Singleplayer!
  • Configurable through ModMenu


  • Automatically reconnect after getting disconnected
  • Multiple attempts
  • Individual delays
  • Infinite attempts (Optional, repeats last attempt)
  • Manual reconnect still possible
  • Countdown is showing and can be canceled


  • Automatically send messages/commands after reconnecting, e.g. to join a certain lobby or just say hi
    (Doesn't trigger when (re)connecting manually)
  • Delay between messages and before the first one
  • Configure messages for each server, realms or singleplayer worlds (for details see below)


  • Supports Mod Menu and AuthMe (for details see below)
  • The disconnect screen (like many other screens) can be exited by pressing escape
  • After being disconnected from a singleplayer world, you won't end up on the Multiplayer Screen (Bug MC-46502)


This mod works on Fabric and requires the Fabric API and ClothConfig
ModMenuis highly recommended for easy in-game configuration

  1. If you don't have a fabric profile set up yet, download and install Fabric and set up a profile to your liking
  2. Download the following mods and put them in the mod folder of your profile:
  3. Setup:
    • Start up minecraft and when you see the title screen, click on "Mods"
    • Find and select this mod in the list of mods on the left side
    • Click on the configuration button on top of the icon of this mod in the list on the left or the one at the top right if you selected the mod
    • The configuration of this mod should open and look similar to the last screenshot below
    • Configure the mod to your liking, for a more detailed description of the features see below



  • Properly shows the mod icon, name and author and provides a link for the curseforge project page and the github issues page
  • Graphical user interface to configure the mod in-game


  • Countdown for automatic reconnect will stop if you're re-authenticating to revalidate your session


Automatic reconnects:

  • Attempts can be configured by adding strictly positive values (delay in seconds) to the list of delays. For each value in that list a delayed attempt will be made to reconnect you.
  • Can be disabled by simple not configuring any attempts. Only manual reconnects are possible then.
  • The "infinite" flag can be enabled to configure the last attempt to repeat infinitely
  • The countdown can be cancelled by pressing the button with the "✕" or by pressing escape

Automatic messages:

  • Will only be executed if an automatic reconnect attempt has been made, so you didn't click on the reconnect button yourself.
  • Can target multiple specific servers, realms or singleplayer worlds. Create a configuration under the section "AutoMessages" for each one and enter the name of the server, realm or singleplayer world.
  • A delay can be configured (in milliseconds). This delay will be the same between every message and before the first message after the instant you joined the world.

Future plans

  • Modify internal structures to pick up quickPlay connects (or mods/alternative launchers directly connecting you to somewhere) which don't go through the ui
  • Reconnect from being kicked into a lobby (feature request issue #22)
  • Conditional reconnects, e.g. configure the mod not to reconnect when a moderator has kicked you (feature request issue #36)
  • I'm not planning to port this mod to forge

Feedback, Suggestions, Bugs & Issues

  • For feedback and suggestions please write a comment on curseforge
  • If you found a bug or an issue, please write a comment on curseforge or open an issue on github. Make sure to give a detailed description of the issue and post the latest logs or a potential crash report, preferably by using something like pastebin


(Last one outdated)


This mod and its code is available under the GNU General Public Licence v3.0.
If you use code from this mod or the mod itself in a mod pack I would appreciate it if you would mention me by linking this page or my github page.