MC Refreshed Edition

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Minecraft Refreshed Edition


This modpack aim's to improve in the majority of Minecraft flaws. For example, The End, we all know what it's like. Yes, it may have been fun when it was added, or even when the Combat Update came out. But now, you just do the same thing over and over. Now in the MCRE, you have much more to do. New biomes, new items, more mobs, structures  and even a bigger challenge toward the Ender Dragon! Everything you've been wanting since you started playing Minecraft (Or at least what I've been wanting.) Also, the Nether, the Latest update to Minecraft. Of course, the update is great. But with MCRE, there are more biomes, new challenges, you can even find vanilla Minecraft ores in it now. . And what I have described to you is just a fraction of what is in the modpack. New weapons and tools, updated caves, more crop types, updated stronghold, over 100+ new biomes to explore and the list go's on and on. Let's not even get into new building blocks. If there is a mod you do not want, don't worry, this pack has complete customizable. Fortunately, this Modpack does not interfere with the Minecraft story, it just improves the places its lacking and adds more to the existing elements and never forget to have fun!


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*BetterEnd Forge mod doesn't spawn any of the included biomes. There is a fix for this problem. Go to Github and you will get help here.




Gameplay Options

This mod includes Silent's Mechanism and Silent Gear, these mods are totally optional. Silent Gear adds customizable weapons and armor.





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