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Level Hearts
The Best Alternative to More Health Enchanted

LevelHearts will add a completely unique experience to your Minecraft world. Based off of the original "More Health Enchanted", level up your health by gaining experience, or by searching around the world for heart containers and heart pieces. With plenty of configurable options, you can make your experience perfect for you.

No, there are no versions before 1.12.2. Please do not ask me to make them.

Configuration Options

There are many configuration options. Below is a list of each option and its description.

  • Debug: This will provide a bunch of debug output to the log. It should probably only be used if you're having issues and you need to report a bug.
  • Hardcore: When enabled, this will cause the player to lose all heart containers and their levels when they die. Overrides punishing.
  • Items: When disabled, this will ensure that players cannot use heart containers. This does not remove the items from the game, nor does it stop their spawning.
  • Loot: When disabled, this will prevent heart containers and heart pieces from spawning around the world. Use this in conjunction with items to fully prevent players from using heart containers.
  • Default Health: The amount of half-hearts a player will have in a new world or after death (in hardcore mode). Default is 20, which is 10 hearts, just like Vanilla MC.
  • Punish Health: When a player dies, this many hearts will be taken out of their total health. First it removes any hearts gained through the level ramp, then once that has hit zero it will remove your heart containers, until you hit the default health.
  • Maximum Health: The maximum amount of half-hearts a player can have at any given time. This overrides the level ramp, so if you set this to 40, then there is absolutely no way a player will be able to get over 20 hearts (using LevelHearts. Other mods may conflict and add more than this maximum; you must ask them about this.) Set to -1 to disable.
  • Level Ramp: Each number represents the level at which a user will gain a heart. So if you have [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], and the player is at level 3, they will have gained 3 hearts.
  • LevelHearts HUD: By default, LevelHearts will move the armor bar above the food bar. This is because with a large amount of hearts, it pushes the armor bar higher. Disable this to completely disable LevelHeart's modifications (including the below minimal HUD). You should only use this if you want default behavior or are having mod conflicts.
  • LevelHearts Minimal HUD: Will compress your health bar down into one, regular bar. A number will display to the left of the bar to show you want row you're on. This makes more sense the more you play the game with it on.
  • XP Multiplier: Will multiply the value of experience by the value set in the configuration. For example, you can make experience be worth 2 or 3 more times than normal.
  • Always Lose XP on Death: In vanilla Minecraft, the game will keep your experience even if the keepInventory gamerule is enabled. This stops that from happening, forcing a player to lose their experience on death, always.


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You can use this in your modpacks for free as long as there is no paywall preventing LevelHearts features for free. No credit is required, but it is strongly preferred (and maybe hit me up with a message so I can check it out?)


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