Actually Useful Stonecutter

124,508 Downloads Last Updated: May 3, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +4

Ever wonder why the spinning blade that's sharp enough to cut stone, can't cut wood?


Wonder no more! Now the Stonecutter has been transformed into an Actually Useful Stonecutter.


This mod adds 134 230 recipes to the Stonecutter to make it actually worth crafting.



x.0.1: Added missing recipes recipes, and requested recipes for a total of 96 new recipes for 1.16.1

1.0.4: Fixed the mods.toml file so that it can be tagged to work for every version of 1.16 with no changes. Also added Nether Wart Block -> Nether Warts recipe. Also, you may want to check which version you're subbed to instead of blindly updating the file. There's now the regular version which still provides little bonuses for using the stonecutter that make it more useful, and an "I Prefer AFK Farms" Edition where those incredibly broken recipes are gone, so you can go back to AFK farming instead of clicking several thousand times to get infinite iron. Choose whichever you like more!


What exactly does it do?

All types of woods can be cut into planks, fences, fence gates, signs, trapdoors, pressure plates, bowls, stairs, slabs and sticks. Logs and Hyphae can be stripped, and also cut into boats.

Brick Blocks can be cut back into individual bricks, string can be cut from wool, cobblestone can be cut into gravel, and more!


Can I see?

Like I said, there's over 100 recipes so there's way too many to list here. But they can be found in game simply by placing blocks into a Stonecutter! Or you can look at the list of recipe files on the Github page


An example of the recipes

An example of the recipes


Great, but how do I install this mod?

1.18.X: Install  Minecraft Forge 39.1.0 or newer; and then just drop the jar into the mods folder.

1.16.X: Install  Minecraft Forge 32.0.34 or newer; and then just drop the jar into the mods folder.

1.15.2: Install  Minecraft Forge 31.2.0 or newer; and then just drop the jar into the mods folder.

1.14.4:  Install  Minecraft Forge 28.2.0 or newer; and then just drop the jar into the mods folder.


What versions are you supporting?

1.18, or newer, only.


Will you make a F- 

No, I have no interest in using my free time to play around with Fabric.

You're more than welcome to port it to Fabric yourself; I'll even host it on this page for everyone, if you want.


Can I use this in Modpacks?

Do whatever you want. :)


How can I talk to you?

Want to ask a question, request a feature, submit a bug report, or just talk to me?

Have I not checked this page, the Minecraft Forum or GitHub in awhile?

Feel free to join my discord channel and say hello.


Can I support you, so you can continue making cool mods?

If you'd like. I have a Patreon. There's also a donate button right here on this page.


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