Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

835,411 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 21, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

A bunch of dogs lying down in the various poses available in this mod



Despite the name, this mod, in a literal sense, lets dogs that have been left sitting down too long, to actually lie down and get some rest.

After having sat for a configurable amount of time, without their owners close by, they will lie down to rest in a random position, and will excitedly jump back to sitting position once their owner gets close to them once more!

This mod is purely client-side and only requires Minecraft Forge. This mod is also not compatible with Doggy Talents as they're a full wolf/dog overhaul mod and this, well, isn't.



Dogs Spawn Lying Down - Do dogs spawn into the world lying down if they're already sitting when you enter the world?

Enabled Poses - By default all poses are enabled and randomization approximately 50 different combinations of dogs lying down.

Dogs Get Up For - Dogs can get up from lying position back to sitting position depending on who passes near it.

Range for Dogs to Get Up - The range for the above configuration.

Time Before Lie - The time that has to pass before dogs lie down.

Attempt Mod Wolf Support - Attempts to add the model support for other modded wolves.



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