Extended Mushrooms

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Extended Mushrooms

This is a Minecraft Forge mod which changes some mushroom behaviour and adds mushroom related blocks, items and recipes.



Since 1.5.0: Nothing more to do than install this mod.

Before 1.5.0: To use all features it is recommended to install MixinBootstrap.


Huge Mushrooms can grow at random tick with a chance of 1:25 like trees. A difference to trees is, that Huge Mushrooms can only grow on specific blocks. On Mycelium and Podzol a mushroom can grow at any light level, but on Dirt and Grass Block it can only grow at light level below 13. (configurable)

The blocks of a Huge Mushroom have also a changed behaviour. Mushroom Stem Block drops itself and can be used as a new wood type. Brown and Red Mushroom Blocks drop a related mushroom by chance. With Shears or a tool with Silk Touch enchantment you can get the block itself. It can be used as Wool to craft for example a red or brown bed.

By placing 4 mushrooms in a 2x2 area, a mega mushroom can grow.


Mushroom Sheep

Mushroom Sheep



New Mushrooms - Glowshroom & Poisonous Mushroom:


Poisonous Mushroom


There are new wood types:

Wood Type

Glowshroom Wood

Poisonous Mushroom Wood



  • Mushroom Spores can be used to turn Dirt into Mycelium and turn Cows into Mooshrooms (right click).
  • Grilled Mushroom is a new food item which generates 2 hunger and 0.3 saturation. It can be cooked at campfire, furnace and smoker.
  • Mushroom Bread is a new food item which generates 5 hunger and 0.3 saturation. It can be crafted with 3 mushrooms of any type.
  • Glowstone Crumbs are dropped by Glowshroom Cap blocks and 4 of them can be crafted to Glowstone Dust.



Can I use this mod in my mod pack?
Yes, you are allowed to use this mod in your mod packs.

Port to Minecraft 1.12?
Sorry, but I do not port any mod to 1.12. This version is way too old and is not supported by Forge anymore.

I found a bug or I have a good idea to enhance this mod!
Very good! Open an issue at Github. You have no Github-Account? You can also contact me here in the comments or via private message.


For more information check out the Wiki: https://github.com/cech12/ExtendedMushrooms/wiki


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