Joy of Painting

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Drawing a painting

Hanging a painting

This mod lets you craft a blank canvas and a palette, with which you can paint your own pictures and hang them on a wall like the vanilla paintings. Let your creativity roam free or paint memes and experience the joy of painting. This mod is compatible with Minecraft 1.14.4, using Forge's recommended version.

If you are interested in making music as well, check Music Maker Mod, another one of my mods.


  • Color mixing mechanic faithful to vanilla and fun to use
  • Painted canvases can be hanged on a wall
  • Multiple brush sizes
  • Multiple canvas sizes and shapes
  • All 16 million colors are available
  • Undo mistakes with CTRL+Z

Usage Guide

  • First you need to craft (or get from the creative inventory) a palette and a canvas. Crafting recipes are given below.
  • When crafting a palette, any combination of dyes will do, but you need at least one dye.
  • You can then fill the palette with other dyes if you want.
  • There are currently four kinds of canvases. The basic one is 1 block sized. The others are 1x2, 2x1 and 2x2 block sized.
  • Using a canvas (by itself) with right-click lets you view its content.
  • Using a palette (by itself) lets you open the palette interface, where you can mix colors to create custom ones.
  • Using a canvas in one hand and a palette on the other lets you open both interfaces at once, where you can paint on the canvas using the colors on your palette. You can mix colors here as well.
  • The color mixing rules work the same way as the vanilla leather armor dyeing mechanic.
  • Change the brush size with the mouse wheel and undo mistakes with the CTRL+Z shortcut
  • After painting a canvas, you can use it on a wall similar to vanilla paintings to hang it on the wall. Hitting the hanged canvas or breaking a block it rests on will drop it back as an item.


Crafting Recipes


Crafting a canvas

Crafting long canvas

Crafting tall canvas

Crafting a large canvas

To craft a palette, you need at least one kind of dye

Crafting a palette

You can fill an existing palette with other dyes later

Filling a palette



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