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Upstream, the ultimate river upgrading mod!

Tired of the old small thin and sometimes waterless rivers vanilla offers? Upstream is the answer! Upstream is a river overhaul mod that removes the old vanilla river generation and replaces it with new endless and wider rivers. With 2 vast configs, the 1st letting you pick and choose what river biomes(modded and datapack!) go in which biomes(modded and datapack!), the 2nd letting you control the wideness, generation frequency, and much much more! So what are you waiting for? Try it out!


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Mod Compatibility 


Upstream should work with all world generation mods NOT using custom worldtypes. If it uses a custom worldtype, compatibility may vary.


Upstream will work in all world types that sample their biome sources/providers w/ the method Layer.func_242936_ a.


Upstream has been tested and confirmed to be functional in the following worldtypes:
Large Biomes
Biomes O' Plenty
Quark Realistic



Need a hand? Our Wiki is a good place to start!

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Need a server to play Upstream with friends?

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