Bad Mobs

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This mod allows you to remove mobs from the natural mob spawning list. Simply open the config file and add the IDs for the mob you want to remove.



Where is the config file?
Minecraft Forge 1.13+ use toml files for configs. Look for the badmobs-common.toml file in your config directory. Earlier versions of Forge used cfg files so you will have a badmobs.cfg file on 1.12 and earlier.


The mob is still spawning?
This mod only removes natural spawning. Unnatural spawning such as spawn eggs, spawners, commands, and other effects are not prevented. Depending on the version of the mod you may be able to prevent unnatural spawning as well. Refer to the config file for what options are available to you.


Can you prevent mob variants from spawning?
This mod can not prevent specific sub variants from spawning. Things like baby zombies, dyed sheep, and mobs with armor are all considered part of the same mob. On newer versions mobs like wither skeletons, strays, husks, drowns, and other distinct variants are unique mob entries in vanilla and can be prevented. Additionally some versions of forge provide a config value for the spawn rate of baby zombies which can also be used. 


How can I get the ID of the mob?
In some versions of the mod you can use advanced tooltips (f3 + h) to show the ID of the mob on the mob's respective spawn egg. If this is not available you can check the Minecraft Wiki for vanilla mobs.As of Minecraft 1.13.x you need to put entries in quotes. For example ["minecraft:creeper", "minecraft:squid"]


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