Bad Mobs

This mod provides a simple way for you to disable natural mob spawning. Once the mod has been installed you can modify the generated config file to disable spawning behaviour.


Usage Guide

  1. Download the mod from CurseForge and install it to your mods folder.
  2. Run the game or server once. After it has been loaded close the game.
  3. Locate the badmobs config file in the config folder for your game. This will be in the same location as the mods folder but not inside the mods folder.
  4. The config file can be edited with a text editor. Every registered mob will have options pregenerated for you. Once you have changed the file to your liking save the file and start the game again.


Known Issues & Common Issues

  • In Minecraft 1.19.3 and below disabling normal spawns will also disable spawners and spawn eggs. This stems from a bug in Forge that causes unreliable spawn information to be given to mods. The Forge team has fixed this bug on 1.19.4 and above however older versions will not receive this fix. This issue will not affect users on 1.19.4+.
  • The mobs still spawn but they are invisible? This is caused by the server not having the mod installed or the server having a mismatched configuration file. You will need to ensure the server is set up properly to resolve this issue.
  • This mod is required on both the client and server. You may be able to run it server side only however this use case is not supported.
  • Want to make a zombie apocalypse modpack using this mod? I don't know why people keep asking me how to do this at least once a weak. That's not what this mod is for. You can disable everything except for zombies but there are better mods for that.
  • My config file is being reset when I launch the game? This is caused by Forge detecting an error in your configuration file and resetting the file back to the default. This is user error and you will need to figure out how to properly edit the file.


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