Bad Mobs

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Bad Mobs


Have you ever wanted to completely remove a pesky mob from the game? Perhaps you're annoyed with Creepers? Or maybe you want to fix an exploit in your Mod Pack? Don't worry, this mod has you covered!


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This mod will allow you to list out all of the mobs you dislike in a configuration file, and when any of them try to spawn, they will be prohibited. You can add an unlimited amount of mobs to the list, including hostile and peaceful mobs. The configuration file is generated in /config/badmobs.cfg. To add a mob to this list, you have to write it's Savegame ID to the list of prohibited mobs. A list of these are maintained on the Minecraft Wiki. If you don't know the ID for a specific mob (like if it's from a mod), looking at the spawn egg will give you the ID. If the spawn egg does not show the ID, ask that mod author to extend ItemMonsterPlacer. 


New to 1.11.2 and onwards is the ability to restrict mobs from a specific dimension. If you add #number to the end of the entry, it will prevent it from spawning only in that dimension. For example, Squid#-1 will prevent squids from spawning in the nether. 


 This mod also supports CraftTweaker! 
mods.BadMobs.blacklist(String saveGameId);

mods.BadMobs.blacklist(int dimensionId, String saveGameId);


Possibly Asked Questions

Q: The mob is not being removed?

A: Make sure you are using the exact id. As of 1.12.2 mob IDs are now prefixed with domains similarly to how items and blocks are. So Zombie which was valid in older versions is changed to minecraft:zombie. Also please note that the IDs are case sensitive, meaning minecraft:Zombie will not work, it needs to be lower case. Based on convention all IDs should be fully lowercase, but some rare violations exist in other mods. 


Q: Will this mod work in Multiplayer?

A: Yes, this mod will work on servers and single player worlds. If you are a server administrator, you can set this mod to Server Mode which will make this mod a Server Mod, meaning players can connect to your server without this mod installed! However, players will need the mod client side to see changes to the spawn egg tooltop. 


Q: How does this prevent spawning?

A: When a mob tries to spawn within your world, if it is on your list of prohibited mobs, it will not be able to spawn. By default, this mod will also kill that mob and remove it from the world file, note that the mob will NOT drop items or experience, nor will any players see the mob spawn in the world and die. The killing of mobs can be disabled in the configuration file. If killing is disabled, the mobs will be saved in the world data, but will not spawn. When the mod is removed, or the mob is no longer on your list of prohibited mobs, all previously prevented mobs will spawn simultaneously.


Q: Will this work with Golem type mobs, like the Snow Man? What about Spawners, or Spawn Eggs?

A: Yes, this will prevent mobs from spawning, even if they are spawned from a block structure, Mob Spawner, or Spawn Egg. This mod will prevent a prohibited mob from ever entering the world, regardless of how it is done. 



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