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 Why Fabric Over Forge?
Fabric is a Lightweight Mod Loader & API
It Loads fast and gets Updates Same day as Minecraft.
Its widely supported and compatible, with many mod Developers moving to it.
Fabric offers Great FPS Improvements & Performance, something Forge Lacks.
Current State of Vibrant
Vibrant is still in Early Beta
This means that alot is subject to change depending on client input
We're looking for Client Input and for Beta Testers, please contact us on discord if you'd like to help out.  

 Vibrant is in Partnership with BisectHosting!
Bisect offers High Performance, Easy-to-use Servers for all your hosting needs,
Hosting Has never been simpler, with full SFTP access, quick & helpful support, you cant go wrong.
We Recommend at least 4gb of RAM to run Vibrant with around 4 - 8 players smoothly, & more RAM for a larger Server.
 If you decide Bisect, Get 25% off your first Month with the code "vibrant25" at checkout
Click on the Image below or above to visit and get going in just a few minutes.


Fabulous Immersiveness
Using Ambience & Terrain Enhancing Mods, we've achieved an incredibly immersive landscape
with plenty Interesting Caves, Biomes, and Structures.
We've also made the New nether, even better with the Better-Nether Mod

Incredible Optimization
With Fabric come plenty Optimization Enhancing Mods which we've implemented in this modpack,
Some of which like Sodium & Phosphor by JellySquid which Help with FPS and Lighting.
Optimization not only means good FPS, but also Incredible Performance on Lower-End Devices
Server Optimization is also perfected using Lithium, allowing you to host your Vibrant Fabric Server Cheaper and Smoother!

  Recommended Requirements from our Developers
3GB Allocated RAM
5GB Allocated Storage (HDD)
Intel Core i3-3210 (or Equivalent)

4GB+ Allocated RAM 
5GB+ Allocated Storage (SSD)
Intel Core i5-4690 (or Equivalent) 

  Review our Current Modpack Progress
We Track all our Progress & Bugs via our Trello Page
Click on the Header to Visit our Board.

Create a Suggestion and Shape the Future of Vibrant
As with Issues & Bugs, we also track all our Suggestions there too,
if you'd like to make a suggestion, click on the Header to Visit our Board.

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