290,966 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

MAmbience adds a large amount of dynamic ambient effects to minecraft.
This includes ambient sounds that get played depending of the players immediate surroundings.
As well as some visual (particle based) effects like Lava Jets, Fireflies and sand blowing in the winds of deserts.
Lastly it includes advanced footstep sounds based on Dynamic Surroundings. (For Player Entities only)
All of this while remaining fully compatible with vanilla clients (a resourcepack is required to be able to here the new sounds)


While MAmbience comes with a large default setup of effects all of them and their conditions are fully data defined and adjustable using configuration files.
In case only some of the functionality is wanted, the three sepparate systems can be disabled with a single toggle in the central config file.


MAmbience currently supports four installation methods (Note: Supported Version on Curseforge referes to Fabric only):

  1. 1. Fabric mod - Supported MC Version: 1.16.4/5
    • Install on client and optionally server
    • Works on servers without MAmbience (when no server implementation is detected the client will run the ambient sound calculations)
  2. 2. Spigot Plugin - Supported MC Version: 1.16.4/5+
  3. (3. DataPack (with no/limited config options) - Supported MC Version: 1.15 (link) / 1.16 (link) - not 100% up to date with mod - ambient sounds only)
    (other MC versions might also work, especially using the Fabric mod, but I do not officially support them)
    (starting with Version 0.4.2 the supported MC Versions can also be found in the changelog)


Vanilla Clients can connect to any server running MAmbience:

Vanilla Clients have to use the provided resource pack to be able to hear the sounds.


Resource Pack (only required when using vanilla client): 

A download link to the fitting Resourcepack is provided on the download page of each Version starting from 0.6.0.
Alternatively you can extract the resourcepack from the mod:
To export the resourcepack matching a mod/plugin version run the jar file with this command (adjust the command to the newest version of course):

java -cp Mambience-3.0.0+1.16.5.jar me.andre111.mambience.resources.RPGenerator


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