167,379 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.2

MAmbience adds a large amount of dynamic ambient sounds.

The sounds get played depending of the players immediate surroundings.

While MAmbience comes with a large default setup all sounds and their conditions are fully defined and adjustable using configuration files.


MAmbience currently supports four installation methods (Note: Supported Version on Curseforge referes to Fabric only):

  1. 1. Fabric mod - Supported MC Version: 1.16.2+
    • Install on client and optionally server
    • Works on servers without MAmbience (when no server implementation is detected the client will run the ambient sound calculations)
  2. 2. Spigot Plugin - Supported MC Version: 1.14.4-1.16.1+ (Note: Default config uses 1.16 nether biomes)
  3. 3. Sponge Plugin - Supported MC Version: 1.12.2 (Note: Default config uses 1.16 nether biomes)
  4. 4. DataPack (with no/limited config options) - Supported MC Version: 1.15 (link) / 1.16 (link)

(other MC versions might also work, especially using the Fabric mod, but I do not officially support them)

(starting with Version 0.4.2 the supported MC Versions can also be found in the changelog)


Vanilla Clients can connect to any server running MAmbience:

  • Vanilla Clients have to use the provided resource pack to be able to hear the sounds.



Resource Pack (only required when using vanilla client):

Starting with Version 0.5.0 the resourcepack will no longer be hosted externally for maintenance reasons. A download link to the fitting Resourcepack is provided on the download page of each Version starting from 0.6.0. Alternatively you can extract the resourcepack from the mod:

To export the resourcepack matching a mod/plugin version run the jar file with this command (adjust the command to the newest version of course):

java -cp Mambience-2.0.0-1.16.jar me.andre111.mambience.resources.RPGenerator

    (RP for Versions <= 0.4.2)


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