Boring Backgrounds

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Boring Backgrounds

This mod allows for further customization of the dirt background, allowing it to be replaced with other textures and have a random texture, per load or per screen. There are two methods to use it: One is through a resource pack with the config in assets/boringbackgrounds/backgrounds/background_settings.json, another is through a config file in .minecraft/config/boringbackgrounds.json (in this case, the resource pack config is overriden). In both cases, a common format is shared.

The format is this:

     "textures": {
         "minecraft:textures/gui/options_background.png": 1
         "randomize_on_new_screen": false


The textures object contains an array of texture identifiers and its weight, in that array, a random texture is chosen to replace the dirt background, with a missing texture appearing if the identifier is invalid. The "randomize_on_new_screen" redoes the choice after a screen is opened instead of after the loading of resources.

As of 3.0.0, this mod runs on Minecraft 1.16.x and is dependent on the Fabric API.


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