Lib Block Attributes


Players do not need to install this mod

This mod is purely a library mod and should be included in any mods that use it. The only reason you should need to install this mod is if you need to force your game to use a specific version.

Some mods that use this library are:



This doesn't add anything directly - instead this adds 3 base packages that mods can use to transfer items and fluids between blocks.


Quick overview (for developers):

Attributes: These are available on blocks that implement "IAttributeBlock"

Item and fluid management are both based around 5 similar attribute classes: ItemFixedInvView, ItemFixedInv, ItemInvStats, ItemInsertable, and ItemExtractable.


More details can be found on the wiki. For any other details (or help) using this please either open an issue on github, or ask in the lba channel in the cottonmc discord server.