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'Slight' Gui Modifications

'Slight' Gui Modifications is a mod to bring 'Slight' Gui Modifications (sarcastically)


Requires and


Works best with Smooth Scrolling Everywhere.


Please suggest new features to add to this mod in discord or in the comments! 

Note: NONE of these modifications are enabled by default, please enable yourselves if you want to try!


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Accessing the Configs:

Use Mod Menu, or find the config button in options. (only appear if modmenu is not loaded)


List of available modifications: 

- Custom Title Screen

 Slight Gui Modifications provide optional groovy scripting for Custom Title Screen.

 Learn more at

- Chat Animation
  Adds an opening animation on opening chat.

- Satisfying Screenshots

- Fluid Advancements

  Adds a nice fluid animation when advancements pop into your view.

- Vanilla Gui Scale Slider

  Turns the gui scale option into a slider.

- Unlimit Title Screen FPS

  Removes the hardcoded 60 FPS limit before loading into a world

- Opening Animation
  Adds an opening animation.

- Text Field Background
  Custom Text Field Color / Texture using 9-patch.

- Text Field Highlight
  Custom Text Field highlight.

- Debug FPS

- Tooltip Modifications

- Right-Click Actions

- Custom Decimal Gui Scaling

- Fluid Potion Effects

- Custom Slot Highlighting