Wild World

239,299 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 31, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod aims to improve the look of the default minecraft world generation by adding decorative elements to nature and caves.

It currently features stalagmites and staligtites, glowing mushrooms, some biome specific caves, leaf piles under trees and wild crops with more to come. This mod was heavily inspired by Wild Caves 3 by Alexmania. All code is original and the sprites are only based on the old mod and adjusted to fit the default 16px texture size.

This mod requires the Fabric Loader and API to install and run. (Forge support is currently NOT planned for the forseeable future)



  • Stone and Sandstone Stalagmites/Stalagtites
  • Rare cobwebs and skulls can be found in caves
  • Green and blue glowing mushrooms
  • Jungle caves with vines and tall glowshrooms
  • Desert caves with sandstone walls
  • Frozen caves covered with ice and icicles
  • Spider Dens generate rarely in caves
  • Leafpiles generate below all vanilla trees
  • Wild crops generate randomly in plains
  • All features are completely configurable




Further screenshots of the other features can be found on the screenshots page.


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