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What's this?

This mod has a tiny bit of ASM dark magic to remove the glowing effect from potions.



Because I can't see what potion I'm drinking. The color is hidden behind that useless glint.


Doesn't Extra Alchemy offers the same feature?

Not from version 0.3.7, I decided to split the functionality from the main mod, so that doesn't have ASM in it. This one does, but it's a very tiny mini little bit that won't cause incompatibility with any other mod.

Plus I figured that many could want this without necessarily adding all the content from the main mod, so here it is.

Splitting this also allows me to support way more Minecraft versions, this works from 1.8 to 1.12.2, and across 1.14.X on fabric! (If it doesn't work for a specific forge/fabric version, please tell me, it's easy to miss a change that might break the functionality. In case of failure it's not gonna crash, it's just not gonna stop potions from glowing)



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