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Inmis is a Backpack mod built for the Fabric Loader. It requires Fabric API to be installed separately. By default, you can right-click a Backpack to open it, or press B to open the first Backpack available in your inventory. Backpacks can be equipped in the Chestplate armor slot and opened through the same keybind.


If you install Trinkets alongside Inmis, you will be able to equip Inmis Backpacks in the backpack Trinket slot.

For previewing Backpacks, try out ShulkerBoxTooltip!

Configuration âš™

Inmis is fully configurable through the config/inmis.json file found in your game directory. This will allow to you disable main-inventory backpacks, require players to wear Backpacks in armor slots, and even allows you to add your own custom backpacks!

License ðŸ“ƒ

Inmis is licensed under the MIT license.