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Adabranium is a 1.16.5 mod made using Fabric API.

 The mod adds powerful Marvel materials: the Vibranium from my "Nether Things" mod and the Adamantium


Adabranium 1.2.0+ remove all paxels in favor of my new Adapaxels Mod. So all Paxels from Adabranium will disappear.

If this is annoying, I advise you to don't update Adabranium to 1.2.0+. Otherwise, I invite you to also download Adapaxels here. 


- You can find the Vibranium Ore rarely below layer 20 and the Adamantine Ore rarely below layer 22~ in the overworld.

           - Theses two ores need a diamond pickaxe (or an equal level) to mine and drop, Adamantine ore takes much longer to mine.

           - Adamantine ore never spawn incontact with air (Same as Ancient Debris in the Nether).


- Vibranium and adamantine must be processed to be used :

Vibranium IngotAdamantium Ingot


- You can now create powerful swords, tools and armor !

           - Vibranium tools/sword need an Obsidian Rod as a handle.

           - Adamantium tools/sword need an Adamantium Rod as a handle.

           - You can also make Hammers of you have Vanilla Hammers installed


- Vibranium Sets are better than diamonds (and Netherite), mine faster and make lot of damage! The durability for tools and sword is 2990.

- Adamantium Sets is the best equipment, mine faster than vibranium and do again more damage! The durability for tools and sword is 4280.


- You can melt Vibranium in a blast furnace to make Vibranium Dust

- You can find Heart Shaped Plants in jungles to obtain Heart Shaped Herb!

           - Heart Shaped Herb can make a Toughness Potion (Resistance I) in a brewing stand

           - You can make a powerful Vibranium Soup with some Heart Shaped Herbs and a vibranium dust.


- You can also make Nether Tools, Sword and Armor

     - Nether set is an iron set upgrade that can't burn and floats on lava

     - He can be made with an iron tool/sword/armor with a Nether Brick in a Smithing Table

     - Does exactly the same damage and protects like iron but has a little greater durability and mine as fast as diamond.


- The Oneshotium Sword is obviously unobtainable in survival




Vibranium differences with Nether Things :

     - Don't generate in the Nether

     - Is a little more rare (I think)

     - Is a little bit nerfed (4280 of durability instead of 23000 for example)

     - Require Vibranium Ingot instead of Vibranium

     - Vibranium Dust made with Vibranium

     - Toughness Potion give Resistance I instead of II and the duration has been changed

     - Removed Compressed Vibranium Block and Invincibility Potion

     - Improved almost all textures





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