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A miscellaneous mod that adds a bunch of random, and mostly unoriginal things.

Also uses PlayerAbilityLib by Pyrofab


Main Features


Entangled Chests & Entangled Tanks



Entangled Chests are universally linked chests that work across dimensions and stores the same items as long as they are color-coded the same.

You can use an Entangled Bag to access the contents of your Entangled Chest directly in your inventory.

Entangled Tanks are exactly like Entangled Chests but they store fluids instead.

You can use an Entangled Bucket to access the contents of your Entangled Tank directly in your inventory.


Cursed Dirt



Cursed Dirt is a simple grass-like block that burns when exposed to sunlight, but when in dark environments, will have vastly improved spawn rate for monsters.

They are created by using Cursed Seeds in a regular grass or dirt block, and can only spread 16 blocks from the center.

PS: The spread and spawn rate in the video is greatly increased.


Big Torch



Big Torch is a block that cancels any mob spawning that requires no light in a configurable area. It's useful to protect your base and to clean caves and dungeons.





Elevators are simple blocks that, when stepped upon, can teleport the player upwards and downwards, as long as it finds another elevator directly above or below it.


Vacuum Hoppers



Vacuum Hoppers are blocks that can pull nearby dropped items and experience orbs to their own inventory.

Stored items can be accessed by opening the block's GUI or by using regular Hoppers.

Stored XP can be used to craft Bottle o' Enchanting or Liquid XP buckets


Tanks, Fluid Hoppers, XP Drains, and XP Showers



Tanks are blocks that can store fluids, each tank can store up to 16 buckets, and when placed side by side they will connect and fluids will flow through them.

Fluid Hoppers are blocks exactly like vanilla Hoppers but that moves fluids instead of items.

XP Drains are blocks that will drain XP from a player and store it in a fluid container placed directly below it.

XP Showers are blocks that can transform the liquid XP from tanks behind it into experience orbs that players can absorb.


Placers and Breakers



Placers are blocks that when activated by a redstone signal, will place any block in its inventory in front of it, if possible.

Breakers are blocks that when activated by a redstone signal, will break any block in front of it and store its drops in its inventory, if possible.


Witherproof Blocks and Wither Builders



Witherproof Blocks are blocks that cannot be destroyed by the wither boss. They are useful for traps and automatic Wither farms.

Wither Builders are blocks that when activated by a redstone signal, will summon a wither if there's enough building material in its inventory and available space in front of it.


Slime Boots and Slime Sling



Slime Boots is a wearable item that negates fall damage and makes the player bounce when hitting the floor with considerable speed.

Slime Sling is a usable item that throws the player in the sky when charged while aiming at a block.

Using both together can be a good way of traveling through the world in the early game.





A Glider is an item that when active and being held by a player, will allow them to glide through the skies instead of falling normally.


Other Features




There are 5 rings currently available:

Diamond Ring: Used for crafting other rings.

Angel Ring: Gives the wearer the ability to creative flight.

Magma Ring: Gives an infinite Fire Resistance status to the wearer

Water Ring: Gives an infinite Water Breathing status to the wearer

Light Ring: Can be used to place infinite low-profile light sources



Lassos are magical items that can capture entities and later release them in another part of the world.

There are 3 lassos currently available:

Golden Lasso: Can only hold passive animals.

Cursed Lasso: Can hold aggressive entities but will add the curse effect to them upon release.

Diamond Lasso: Can hold almost any entity without debuffs



A type of food that gives name to the mod. (Has cursed, golden, and diamond alternatives.)


Conveyor Belts

Entities standing above it will be moved.
Cursed Dirt can still spawn mobs when below it.



Will damage mobs that step on it.

Mobs killed by Stone Spikes won't drop anything.

Mobs killed by Iron Spikes will drop their regular loot.

Mobs killed by Gold Spikes will drop only experience.

Mobs killed by Diamond Spikes will drop experience and player loot.


Trash Can and Portable Trash Can

Dispose of your items in a proper way!


Portable Crafting Table

Craft the world from your own inventory!



When activated, attracts nearby dropped items to your player.


Sleeping Bag

Let you sleep anywhere without overwriting your bed spawn point.


Redstone Timer

Toggles itself on and off automatically and has 16 different speed levels.




I strongly advise the usage of a mod like RoughlyEnoughItems for viewing recipes.

Cursed Droplets will drop from Wither Skeletons and mobs spawned in Cursed Dirt.


Other information


For bug reporting please proceed to the mod's GitHub repository:

If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to call me on Discord @D4rk#0693
You can find me in the Cafeteria Development guild.


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