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Mowzie's Modpack

Mowzie's Modpack

The official modpack of the Mowzie's Mobs Patron Minecraft server! Mowzie's Modpack is a vanilla++ modpack with a focus on exploration and character progression. Explore vast new structures added by Valhesia Structures, Yung's Better Strongholds and Mineshafts, and Dungeons Plus. Find exciting and unique new gear from Relics and Enigmatic Legacy to customize your playstyle. Test your might against mobs added by Mowzie's Mobs, Ice and Fire, and Danny's Expansion. All this and more awaits you!




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Hosted on BisectHosting! Rent an already-configured server to play modded Minecraft online with your friends! Face the monsters of Mowzie's Mobs online in one of many pre-integrated modpacks! Get 25% off of your first month by using my promo code mowzie.