Distant Horizons: A Level of Detail mod

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What does Distant Horizons do?

Simply put, it add simplified terrain past Minecraft's default view distance to improve performance and allow for longer draw distances.

Now you can finally enjoy that lookout tower you built on top of a mountain!


Cliffside villiageThis photo was taken with a Minecraft render distance of 4 and a mod distance of 512.


If you want to see a quick demo, check out the latest update video here:

James' Youtube Channel


Hey you! This is important!

The version support numbers are strict!
If a version says it supports MC 1.18.1 it will NOT work on 1.18.2!

And: t
he mod is still in alpha. Things may change, break, crash or otherwise go wrong. You have been warned!

Although if you have problems feel free to leave an issue on the project's GitLab.




Q: Forge or Fabric?
A: Both in the same jar.


Q: Shaders?
A: Currently shaders are not supported, hopefully we can add support in the future.
At best our fake chunks will render incorrectly (very bright or very dark) and at worst they won't render at all. But your millage may vary.


Q: Does this work with player created structures?
A: Yes.


Q: Is there multiplayer support?
A: Yes.
Although currently the mod is only client side so you have to explore chunks for the mod to use them.

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