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Better Drowning

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This mod tweaks the drowning and water mechanics of Minecraft in ways that improve the balance and immersion of the game. All of these features can be disabled on an individual basis in the config file.




Stronger Drowning Damage
The deeper underwater the player is, the more drowning damage they will take. By default each block beyond 10 increases damage by 0.1. This can be disabled, increased, or decreased in the config file.


Clearer Water
The density of water fog has been lowered, allowing you to see further and more clearly while under water.


Too Much Air Fix
Fixes air sometimes being set to be above the player's maximum air amount. This also fixes display issues with the bubbles on the HUD. An example of this bug can be seen here.


Air Replenish Rate
Allows players to instantly refill their air when they are out of the water, similar to how water worked in 1.13 and below. This is disabled by default.


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