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Greetings, this is a small texture pack for 1.17 and lower versions that I'll be posting.
Please do not plagiarize this texture pack. If you want to use a specific texture or a property file, ask me for the corresponding permission and we avoid inconveniences.
This texture pack requires OptiFine.
Give unique RPG-style designs for each enchantment for all armors.
Quartz theme is for Protection
Lava theme is for Fire Protection
RedStone Veins theme is for Projectile Protection
Emerald armor theme is for Blast Protection
Wing theme is for Feather Falling
Elden Guardian theme is for Thorns (test design)
??? theme is for Aqua Affinity (not yet)
Bubble theme is for Respiration (now is animated!)
??? theme is for Depth Strider (not yet)
Soul Sand Particles theme is for Soul Speed
Ice theme is for Frost Walker

Armors designs (all tiers have 3D designs)

Designs for thorns (and combinations)

Designs for respiration (animated)

Designs for feather falling

Design for soul speed

Design for frost walker

Turtle helmet designs

Especial Feature Copper armor :D and mending-unbreaking elytras.
You just have to rename the armor in an anvil. example: iron helmet to copper helmet. (only for iron armor)
For elytra just apply mending or unbreaking enchant


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