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Greetings, this is a small texture pack for 1.17 and lower versions that I'll be posting.
Please do not plagiarize this texture pack. If you want to use a specific texture or a property file, ask me for the corresponding permission and we avoid inconveniences.
This texture pack requires OptiFine.
Give unique RPG-style designs for each enchantment for all tools.
Quartz theme is for Sharpness (axe)
Lava theme is for Smite (axe)
Dark red theme is for Bane of Arthropods, like his eyes (axe)
Emerald theme is for Fortune
Dark Amethyst theme is for Silk Touch
Copper theme is for Efficiency (special mechanics, look at the end of the post)
Green theme is for Mending

Axe designs (wooden tier not yet)

Pickaxe designs (wooden tier not yet)

Shovel designs (wooden tier not yet)

Hoe designs (wooden tier not yet)

Fishing rod designs
Emerald theme is for Luck of the Sea
Prismarine theme is for Lure
Green theme is for Mending

Shears and Flint Steel designs
For mending shears
For mending flint and steel

Especial Feature for Efficiency Enchant (only for netherite, diamond, iron, gold tiers at the moment)
As you wear out the tool, it rusts, if you repair it, it returns to its original shape.

Especial Feature
you can have the copper tools just by renaming the iron tools in an anvil. Example: Iron Pickaxe for Copper Pickaxe


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