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Terra Nova: The Sequel

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Terra Nova: The Sequel, a meticulously crafted modpack designed for enthusiasts who revel in exploration, resource gathering, and immersive technological experiences in Minecraft version 1.16.5.


Following in the footsteps of the beloved original Terra Nova, this open-world exploration-focused pack seamlessly blends the thrill of discovery with an array of cutting-edge Tech mods like Mekanism, Overloaded, and Applied Energistics 2. Dive into a realm teeming with possibilities, enriched further by captivating Exploration mods such as BetterEnd, Awesomedungeons, and Bygonenether across the End, Ocean, Nether, and Overworld. For those enchanted by the arcane, indulge in the magical allure of mods like Botania, Astral Sorcery, ProjectE, and Ars Nouveau.



Whether your passion lies in traversing uncharted territories, delving into the technological wonders of the pack, or simply relishing the joy of exploration, Terra Nova: The Sequel promises an all-encompassing experience. Crafted with dedication, love, and a dash of perseverance, this pack caters to every player, ensuring a rich and diverse adventure awaits you.


Server Files you might ask? This is a Server-Only pack so there wont be any extra server files. 


Ram Requirements: 

Minimum: 6GB

Recommended: 8GB


Recommended GUI Scale: 2


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