1,935 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 15, 2020 Game Version: Forge

ProjectExtended is a mod that adds features to ProjectE that EE2 would probably have had it been made in modern times.


Currently implemented features:


- Dark and Red matter shields

    These are unbreakable variants of their vanilla counter part, and like the vanilla counter part support combining with a banner to display the pattern on the front. There are not really any fancy features as part of the shields currently, as I did not really have any good ideas of stuff to add given the vanilla shields already are rather strong, but feel free to make suggestions on the issue tracker if you think of any.

- Dark and Red matter tridents

    These have some more interesting mechanics than their vanilla counterpart. Each trident has four modes, that can be changed using ProjectE's mode change hotkey. The features of the modes are listed below:

    - Normal: Acts as a normal trident with a loyalty level based on charge + 1. All of the below mods respect this loyalty level except for riptide as the trident never leaves your hand there.

    - Channeling: Similar to the channeling enchantment for the vanilla trident, but will also summon lightning even if no entity was hit. The number of lightning bolts summoned is charge + 1. The dark matter trident requires a thunder storm like the vanilla trident, but the red matter trident can summon lightning even when it is not raining. Both tridents have an EMC cost of 64 per bolt of lightning.

    - Riptide: Similar to the riptide enchantment for the vanilla trident, but the level is calculated based on charge + 1. Again the dark matter trident still has the same restrictions as the vanilla trident of when it can be used, and the red matter trident can use rip tide even when it is not raining and the user is not in the water.

    - Shockwave: Creates a shockwave when the trident lands (or hits an entity). Damage based on trident's damage, and AOE sized based on charge + 1. Note: This AOE damage will only effect hostile mobs.


Planned Features:

    Additionally due to the changes in ProjectE's API that makes adding custom EMC mappers easier, I plan on eventually adding mappers for various mod's machine recipes that don't end up including mapping support natively. If you have any suggestions/requests for mods to have support added for please create a suggestion on the tracker and I will look into it when I get the chance.


Known Bugs:

 - There is a minor bug that when throwing a dark or red matter trident the icon in the hotbar changes. This is the reason that I am currently releasing this project as a beta, because it is not game breaking but there is a known bug.