Useful Railroads


Who dont want to travel fast in minecraft. I plan on many more rails, but there are only 3 yet.


This mod require uteamcore!


Highspeed Rail

Highspeed Rail (5 Blocks/Tick equals 100 Blocks/Second if Tps and Chunkloading is fast enough).

Crafting recipe is visible with jei or nei.


Teleport Rail

Teleport you and your minecart to every position in the world, even trough dimensions.

Crafting recipe is visible with jei or nei.



How to setup a teleport rail?


First drop an enderpearl and the rail at the location you want to teleport the minecarts. Wait about 5 seconds and you get rail bound to that location.



Place the rail at any location. The rail displays the consumption per teleport and the location. Did I hear consumption? Yes, you need fuel per teleport. Fuel are enderpears, and other things from the end. You can add and change the fuel in the config. Insert the fuel in the slot or with a hopper.




Now you can teleport minecarts! Dont forget: The rail needs to be powered with redstone. Hf :D

Direction Rail

This is like a repeater for minecarts. The can pass only in one direction. (Needs to be powered)

Crafting recipe is visible with jei or nei.




This mod can be packed in every modpack you want :)

Sourcecode is linked above and is available under Apache License 2.0.

Report Bugs here: Issue Tracker on Github