Lever & Button Lights

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A lever light? Is that a light switch? I've also created a Glass block light! The block lights itself when you hit it and if you hit again, it turns off. If it is on, it'll send a redstone signal. So if you only wanted regular glass, use that.


Added the awesome solid textures from Extra Mods and created 16 new buttons that are either on or off like a lever. They emit a level 15 redstone signal when on, otherwise 0. When on they look beautiful.



One Stick, One Glass Block One Torch, One Glass Block


The new colored button lights are formed by placing 1 colored stained glass in a crafting grid.



  1. Adjust hit box models to more tight around the buttons and large block light.
  2. Implement an Albedo library to have real colored light emanate from the light sources.


No need to ask. Add it. A link back would be appreciated but not required. 

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