Diamond Glass

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I wanted a really strong glass but without adding a mod that added lots of other stuff I didn't need. 






The glass in this mod is based on diamond and sand. The diamond glass blocks, panes, slabs, and stairs have the blast resistance of obsidian, are hard as heck to remove once placed, and have that special texture where they are both seamless and having no membranes. The remainder of the support blocks are based on sand and are only added because they are a natural progression of the Diamond Sand block.


What does it have?


Now with Rainbow Glass


  • Config for both server and GUI for client.
  • You can change the hardness and explosion resistance of the two types of blocks provided.
  • The Diamond Glass variant can be set to invulnerable making it ideal for Wither and Ender Dragon Museums!


Yes you can use my mod in your pack.


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