Useful Nullifiers

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Useful Nullifiers 

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Includes 4 items and 4 blocks for getting rid of items, fluids, and energy!

 Two items have functions similar to the dev/null!


Only the 1.12 version will be supported now!




Portable Item Nullifier

  • Destroy items on the go

Portable Overflow Nullifier

  • Similar to the dev/null/
  • Put in blocks and items with extra items picked up being destroyed
  • Items can't be right-clicked/used with it
  • Blocks can be placed with it

Portable Fluid Nullifier

  • Empties fluid containers on the go
  • Works with water/lava buckets, other mod buckets, and some tanks that are compatible 

Portable AION (All In One Nullifier)

  • Does all the things the other portable nullifiers can do!

Item Nullifier

  • Destroys items given to it.
  • Cannot be given manually.

Energy Nullifier 

  • Destroys Forge Energy given to it. EU Coming Soon
  • Cannot be given manually.

Fluid Nullifier

  • Destroys fluids given to it.
  • Cannot be given manually.

AION (All In One Nullifier)

  • Does all the things all the block nullifiers can do!


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