Thermal Tinkering

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Have you ever been playing with Tinkers' Construct at the mid-to-end-game and thought:

    "This smeltery takes up a lot of space. I wish I didn't have to have it lying around here."?

Well, now you don't! This mod allows you to cast Tinkers' Construct parts into casts via the Fluid Transposer. The one downside? It consumes the cast.

The casts are made using any tool part (as of v2.0 for MC 1.12, only wooden tool parts previously) and Molten Gold or Aluminum Brass in the Transposer, the liquids are made from ingots melted in the Magma Crucible, and all fluid amounts are the same as in standard Tinkers' Construct.


In the config, you can change how the mod works. There are 3 files generated the first time the game runs, two of which are re-generated every time it runs. They are generated in the config/ThermalTinkering folder. These three files are as follows:


  • config.cfg: the main mod config. At the moment, this contains only two rules:
    • blacklist: Is there a liquid being registered for use that you don't want to be? (note that if it's an error on my part, and the fluid actually SHOULDN'T be registered, please file a bug report on the issues page) Simply add the id (that's the left-hand column in the fluids or molten fluids dump file) to the list and it will be skipped.
  • fluids.txt: This file is regenerated every time the game runs. It contains a dump of every fluid, with its Fluid ID (the column on the left - this is used in the config.cfg file), its block name (just for debugging purposes really), and its Localised Name (the one you're used to reading, like "Molten Iron").
  • moltenFluids.txt: This file is also regenerated every run. It contains a dump of every fluid the mod has detected as a TiCon-compatible fluid, with the same 3 columns as above.



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