Colon Three Craft

A vanilla+ kitchen sink modpack meant to be welcoming towards newer modded Minecraft players while still being enjoyable for those with lots of experience.


Try out a new start with Origins and Origins: Classes to gain unique abilities and buffs, build contraptions and farms with Create and Immersive Engineering, and raid dungeons with your friends using Lootr for unique loot-tables. For those wanting a more peaceful life, Pam's HarvestCraft 2 and Cooking for Blockheads will let you farm, cook, and eat to your heart's content - although make sure to plant your crops in the right season! Both Drawers and Refined Storage give you plenty of room to keep all of your items, and you can decorate your house with MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod as well as several other decoration mods. Contains dozens of new structures and mobs to find, but don't worry about losing your gear while off adventuring: Corpse will store all of your items after dying until you go and retrieve them. Contains several optimizations for both server and client side so that you can spend less time focusing on performance and more time having fun!