Macaw's Paths and Pavings

328,226 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 7, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +1


About Macaw's Paths and Pavings 1.0.0


This Macaw's mod is another addition to the Macaw's Mod series, the first version adds wooden paths (all wooden variations) and 6 pavings (with 9 texture variations) making a total of 62 paths/pavings.

Because this is the first release, we heavily rely on community feedback, suggestions etc.. Be sure to leave your suggestion in the coments below or on our discord server.

The mod is made to be very lightweight so it should be great even on low end computers.



Click on the picture above, use my code sketchmacaw to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends!



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