Doctor Who - Weeping Angels

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“The lonely assassins, they used to call them - no one quite knows where they came from but they're as old as the universe, or very nearly. And they've survived this long because they have the most perfect defence system ever evolved. They're quantum locked. The moment they are seen or observed by any other living creature they freeze into rock - no choice, a fact of their biology. In the sight of any living thing, they literally turn to stone. And you can't kill a stone. Of course, a stone can't kill you either. But then you blink, then you turn your head away - and oh yes it can!”


This mod was created for ModJam 5, it was loosely based on the original mod created by a_dizzle back in 1.5.2. (You can even find angels with the original model within the world as a tribute)

This mod was started in 1.12 and has spanned every version since then with the exclusion of 1.13. CurseForge only displays the latest three Minecraft Versions in the sidebar, so if you are looking for a specific Minecraft version that isn't shown on the side, please go to the files tab!  



  • Weeping Angels will teleport you to a random place in a random dimension, and this includes other mods/datapack dimensions!*
  • The Timey Wimey detector item will ding when there are angels near you!
  • The mod fully works with Vivecraft!
  • Weeping Angels can only be hurt with a pickaxe* or be zapped out of reality with a Chronodyne generator!

*The mod is fully configurable! Don't want them to teleport you? Sure! Don't want them to teleport you between dimensions! We got you! We do our best to be modpack friendly! 

Bug reports/crashes:

Although I do my best to avoid issues within my mods, incompatibilities and the occasional bug or crash will arise! Which is fine, nothing can be perfect.

I really would appreciate it if you used the "Issues" tab near the top of the page that will take you to Github.

Any bug reports or issues in the comments will be deleted and ignored because there is an issue tracker for a reason.

I find the comment section is more for well, comments and the occasional question

Modpacks, Re-uploading, and Videos: 

You do not need to ask for permission to use this mod within your modpack, you do not need to ask.

It is preferred that the modpack is hosted on CurseForge but it is not mandatory so long as you are not receiving money in return.

This mod may not be re-uploaded onto external sites, the mod should only be hosted on CurseForge, and external sites should not upload this mod to their website. 

You are free to make videos on the mod, such as mod reviews and such. I actually really appreciate watching people using my mod, so if you do make any modpacks or videos, please, link them in the comments or message me on CurseForge or put them in the Discord!